About this product:

Peppermint gives a refreshing scent. The combination of Peppermint and Lime essential oils gives this soap bar bright refreshing notes and a cooling effect for the hot summer days and releave congestion in the winter. Activated Charcoal cleanses your pores deeply and removes dirt, dust, allergens, toxins, bacteria, chemicals, and pollution residues. It assists with healing infections and insect bites (this will not treat infections - always ask you doctor if you have an infection)


We always suggest a skin test before using. Stop using if irritation occurs


Because our soap is made with 50% olive oil it is cured for 4 months to achieve the right hardness for a long lasting bar.

IT IS FREE OF Animal Products, Palm Oil, Parabens, Detergents, Comedogenic Ingredients, EDC's, Colorants, Artificial Flavors and Fragrances. Each cured bar weighs approximately 140g.

Peppermint & Lime - Activated Charcoal Artisan Soap